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Nick Vitale is a writer, director, and Groundlings-trained comedian, who recently dipped his toes into the producing world, with his latest short film “Funny Face” premiering this March at SXSW. Through his production company Lo Filmworks Inc., Nick’s 

mission is to help develop authentic voices, and create unique stories through the lens of “comedy that cares.”

He has worked with brands such as Embassy Row Productions, Sony Pictures Entertainment, The Harlem Globetrotters, Fox Broadcasting Company, Pernod Ricard USA, Legacy Marketing, Reef International, Bon Aire Productions, and Planet X Television.

Vitale typically refrains from the third-person narrative but understands the need for perceived objectivity when presenting his work history. He would much rather say hello in person and talk like a normal human being, as he feels this is one of his professional strengths.

Speaking of strengths, let's list some hard skills...

Proficient in:

-Adobe Premiere Pro

-After Effects

-DaVinci Resolve

-Final Cut Pro

-Avid Media Composer




-Capture One

-Logic Pro


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